Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has apologized to referee Kevin Friend, after criticizing his decision in a TV Interview, following Chelsea’s 3-0 win over Watford in the FA Cup. Mourinho, blatantly crucified Friend for not awarding the penalty, following a handball by defender Craig Cathcart. However, Cathcart’s hand ricocheted the ball towards Loic Remy, who slotted the ball home with utmost delight. Friend, later told Mourinho that he would have awarded the penalty had Remy not finished his chance. This prompted Mourinho to apologize personally.

“I want to apologise for my earlier comments in some television [interviews]. What the referee did was great refereeing,” Mourinho told a news conference.

“He saw that it was a penalty, he was going to give a penalty, but he saw the ball was going to Remy. And he waited a couple of seconds.

“He told me that if Remy didn’t control the ball well or the ball goes over the bar or the ball is lost, he would have given the penalty. I was complaining, but it was good refereeing by Kevin. I didn’t think it was a penalty, it was a penalty.”

Chelsea FC made eight changes to their lineup which tasted defeat at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur. And it was evident that the Blues lacked the needed team chemistry. Chelsea FC, although looked comfortable on the ball, lacked luster in the final third. Watford’s determination in the first 45 minutes fused with a lack luster Chelsea side, was enough for the hated deadlock to prevail at halftime.

“I was worried at half-time because the game was always under control, but we weren’t strong enough to score and when you don’t score in these matches there is a risk,” said Mourinho.

Inclusion of Diego Costa and Willian in the second half, proved catalysts for Chelsea’s scenic change in attack. Willian, wreaked havoc in his area of operation and often danced past defenders to provide a level of sting in Chelsea’s attack.

“We were always in control but the first half was a bit sad, so it was important for us to make changes and try to change the game. William and Diego did well”

“We had them on the bench because we knew it could be a risk and it was a risk. The first half was 0-0. I thought to win the game we needed to change some players and the system.”

The Brazilian then justified why he is one of the most respected members within the Chelsea contingent, as he broke the deadlock and gave Chelsea the lead in the 58th minute.

Willian’s goal opened floodgates as 12 minutes later Loic Remy finished his chance brilliantly. Watford’s brilliant performance according to their standards was shadowed by an undeserved scoreline, which was converted into a 3-0 mauling, after Kurt Zouma’s goal in the 72nd minute.