With Louis van Gaal under immense pressure from the media and the fans, senior Manchester United player Michael Carrick has rubbished claims that the players have turned against their manager.

Manchester United are on a seven-match win-less run, and to make matters worse, they have lost their last four matches in all competitions.

With the crucial game against Chelsea FC looming large on the horizon, there have been a lot of cries from the fans that Van Gaal has lost the dressing room, and needs to be sacked. However, Carrick rubbished those claims, saying that the manager still has the full support of the players.


a Listen, people talk about support, but ita s not like the lads go out and dona t play,a Carrick was quoted as saying to the Daily Mirror. a We go out there as professionals who are playing for this special club. Wea re in a privileged position. For me, I look at myself at what I can do better as an individual.

a I have a lot of pride in myself and in my performances and I think it is a bit disrespectful when people say the lads arena t trying for the manager,a he continued. a That hurts us a lot because thata s not the type of people we are.a

Players a cannot hidea , says Carrick

While a lot of the criticism has been leveled at Van Gaal, most of the players seem to have avoided the sting of the strong words, with their manager taking all the criticism. However, Carrick believes that it is time that the Manchester United players stop hiding, take responsibility and start winning matches.

a The run wea ve been on is just not good enough. We cana t hide from it, wea re not going to hide from it. We all need to be better,a he said.