Just days after assuring the world media that he is happy at Barcelona,whilst cooling down interests from Chelsea and Manchester City, in the process, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has once again ignited transfer speculations. Ahead of Monday’s Balon D’or ceremony, Lionel Messi once again asserted that his future with Barcelona, still remains uncertain.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen a if one day I’ll go back to Newell’s. I’m not sure where I’ll be next year!” ,said Messi

Messi, has been linked with a stellar move to Chelsea or Manchester City. There were reports in the media that the Argentine striker, himself said that a 500million pound transfer fee would be enough to acquire his services. While, Chelsea have rendered links with Messi, Manchester City’s stand still remains uncertain. However, both clubs have the financial capacity to bid ‘hefty’ for Lionel Messi.

“I’ve always said I’d like to finish my career at Barcelona, play at Newell’s, but nobody knows what the future holds a much less so in the case of the football world where so many things can change overnight.” he added.

Meanwhile, Spanish football expert Graham Hunter says he cannot see Messi leaving Barcelona and believes the latest comments are likely part of a ploy to gain more influence at the club.

“He in is in the middle of the powerplay at the moment, he is not completely happy with the teama s level of competitiveness and he has some difficulties with the man-management style of (Barcelona head coach) Luis Enrique,” Hunter told Sky Sports News HQ.

“He is showing he is a mature player now and all he has to do is cough, nudge and hint and things happen.

“I dona t believe that he wants to leave, I do believe he wants to influence the club in how ita s run to make it more competitive.”

Although a move for Messi seems inevitable due to FFP, the Argentine striker could perhaps run down his deal. Rumors of increasing unrest between Lionel Messi and Barcelona coach Luis Enrique have emerged over the last few weeks. Enrique, even gave a statement of intent to remove Messi from the Barcelona squad by issuing, what seems to be a threat, by saying ‘either Messi or me’. The Argentine star, was again at the thick of controversy when reports claimed that Barcelona’s higher authorities told Messi, that Enrique was going to be sacked.

Although, Messi dozed all rumors when he gave an interview to Barca Tv and pledged his allegiance to Camp Nou, the Argentine wonder has ignited speculation and transfer rumors by commenting that he still is not sure about his future.