Three players from Manchester United find themselves in the top 10 list when it comes to T-shirt sales and young Dutch winger Memphis Depay finds himself in the 3rd spot behind Messi and Ronaldo, according to .

Despite their uninspiring form in the Premier League and Champions League, the brand power of Manchester United is still one of the strongest around. Memphis Depay, the young dutch winger that United bought in the summer from PSV Eidenhoven for 25 million pounds, has now climbed to the 3rd ranking when it comes to T-shirt sales, just behind Ronaldo and Messi, while two other United players also feature in the Top 10.

“Kitbag recently released the ranking of top selling shirts from July to September and we think the results are worth sharing,” said Manchester United Chief Executive, Ed Woodward. “Memphis Depay is a new entrant and was the 3rd highest selling shirt in the world after Messi and Ronaldo”

“Three out of the top-10 selling shirts are Manchester United players including Bastian Schweinsteiger and Wayne Rooney.” He added

“Last year, at Bayern Munich, Schweinsteiger ranked at number 31 and has now moved up to fourth position.”

“We believe the impact on player profiles around the world by joining Manchester United is very powerful. Clearly the shirt sale figures are strong evidence of that.”

But What About Football?

While the T-shirt sales of Manchester United will definitely help them fill up the coffers, the fans would much rather have their players in the top 10 player lists or top scorers list. Memphis has floundered at the club, failing to make any significant impact and has now found himself out of the first team.

Schweinsteiger was a big name signing, but at 31, he isn’t likely to represent the future of the club and Rooney is going through one of the worst dips in form in his career.

Ed Woodward might have a smile on his face, but the fans are still screaming ‘Attack, Attack, Attack’ and Memphis would do well to listen.