German midfielder Mario G tze has admitted doubts regarding his future after claiming that his two years at Bayern Munich a were not that easya .

Following his move from Borussia Dortmund in 2013, G tze failed to earn a starting position under Pep Guardiola with much criticism being directed his way over the course of the two seasons. Franz Beckenbauer too criticized the World Cup winner, claiming that he needed to a grow upa and start performing for Bayern Munich.

The last two years were not that easy

Speaking about his spell at Bayern Munich, G tze admitted that his situation was far from satisfactory, suggesting that his future at the club was uncertain.

a I played a pretty good game today. Now we will see what will happen. It is clear that the last two years were not that easy.a

a We will see what happens. We will see if he [Guardiola] will speak to me more often. Now I will just let things come to me. For anything else we will have to see.a

Reading his situation in the light of his recent comments, it seems that G tze is unhappy at the club due to not sharing a good relationship with Pep Guardiola. The German international is also keen on keeping his options open after being linked with a move to Juventus in the past few months. Though G tze refused to comment on such transfer rumours, he revealed a desire to a play abroada at some stage in his career.

G tze is one of my of my favourite players but he needs to convince me

G tze was also overlooked for the German Super Cup by Pep Guardiola who later remarked that though the German international was one of his a favourite playersa , he wasn’t completely convinced by G tzea s efforts on the pitch.

"G tze is one of my of my favourite players."

“G tze is one of my of my favourite players.”

“G tze is one of my of my favourite players. Last season he played in all of the games except two or three. But they have to try and convince me on the pitch in every game, not in the past.”


At the moment, it seems that his future at Bayern Munich revolves around his relationship with Pep Guardiola. Though the player has not expressed a desire to leave the club, his interactions with the manager or the lack of it could determine his future in the coming weeks.

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