Mario Balotellia s first coach believes a move from Liverpool FC to Fiorentina would be a intriguing for him and the cluba amidst rumors linking the Italian to Viola. .

According to reports in Italy, Mario Balotelli could be used as a makeweight to bring Mario Gomez to Liverpool FC.

Reacting to the reports, Balotelli’s first coach Vincenzo Esposito told a Ia d be happy for him, because Fiorentina would be another chance that he deserves.”

Esposito was Balotelli’s coach in the Inter Primavera youth team, and is thought to be close to the forward who is looking to return to his homeland following the death of his father, as per reports.

a I trained him for many years in the youth academy at Inter and can guarantee that to show all of his quality he just needs a new project, something where he can feel at the centre of it.

a Florence has already shown ita s a great place for players to revive their careers. Ita s an intriguing idea, I must admit. Ita d be good for Mario and Fiorentina.a

a Everything can be overcome at his age, especially as much of the reputation hea s got was his fault. Mario is a player who without doubt can improve, but I wona t blame him for what hea s done in the past.

a Florence would undoubtedly be a great opportunity for him to definitively put himself back on track.a

Liverpool FC adventure might not have worked out for Balotelli, but, without a doubt he has created no problems in the dressing room. The player might do with a fresh start back in his homeland, but, the reports mentioning Mario Gomez being asked for in return raises further doubt about it’s credibility with Liverpool FC having a lot of funds given the sale of Raheem Sterling swelling the pocket of Merseyside outfit, who are looking to add a forward, by 49 million GBP.