Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has taken a swipe at Jose Mourinho.

There is some time left for the Premier League season to begin but a war of words has already started. Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has taken a dig at Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho saying he wants all the credit to himself when his side wins the trophy.

‘When he wins, Mourinho wants to take credit for everything,’ he said. ‘I never do that.’

Chelsea won the Premier League crown last season, quite comfortably at that, along with the League Cup trophy while Pellegrini’s side finished trophyless.

‘When I won the Premier League, I didna t say a word,’ he added.

However, the Chilean added that the two weren’t enemies, but he differed with the former Inter boss on all fronts.

‘I dona t have any problem with Mourinho,’ he said. ‘Hea s not my enemy and there isna t any conflict a but I differ from him on all fronts. I have no interest in analysing him as a person.’

The paira s rivalry dates from their time in Spain when Mourinho replaced the Chilean as coach of Real Madrid in 2010.


Last season, Pellegrini accused Chelsea of playing like a small team after the two sides engaged in a 1-1 draw.

It was very similar to the Stoke team, with a big team playing against a small team with very good players, trying to defend, trying to keep the score [nil-nil]. They had nine players in front of their box. I said last week that it will be very difficult for us to defend the title because every team will play the way Chelsea did. I repeat that I think they had no intention to win the game. They came just to draw and they scored on the counterattack against 10 players.a he said.

Mourinho responded by referring to him as a Pellegrinoa and said, a Pellegrino? Many times he says he never speaks about me and my team but he keeps doing the same thing. I am the one that does as he says [not talk about the opposition]. I dona t comment on his words. Dona t ask me about his words, I am not interested in that.a