With Wayne Rooney being the target of a lot of criticism and the dressing room mood of Manchester United being brought into question, club talisman David de Gea has spoken out to dispel these rumors and support the Red Devil’s captain.

Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea has been the most impressive and consistent player for Manchester United this season and has recently dismissed talks of any sort of discontent in the Red Devils dressing room, as was being widely rumored. “There’s a great atmosphere. The dressing room is very together and united.”, de Gea said, according to The Express . .

“They are a great set of lads and we’re all very happy with the group of players that we have. I think that’s really important in a team if it wants to achieve big things.” he added.

Wayne Rooney is a real dressing room leader

The Spaniard also praised Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney, who he says is a unifying force in the squad, a great leader and a legendary player.

“As our captain, Wayne has a big personality. He always tries to motivate us. When things are going badly, it’s always him who speaks up and encourages us.”, the goalkeeper said of Rooney.

“He’s breaking all kinds of records for goals scored and games played and I reckon he deserves it as he is such a great player… And he’s the same off the field. He’s the club captain and he’s the one who has to do the talking and motivate us. That’s what he always does.”