. The agent of Manchester United target Nicholas Otamendi, Eugenio Lopez, recently confirmed his clienta s desire to leave Valencia with the Argentine international confirming in an interview on Thursday that everything his agent has said has been with his authorization.

On the 25th May, Lopez spoke to Cadena SER and confirmed that Manchester United target wished to leave Los Che after one season following a move from Portuguese giant FC Porto.

Nicholas Otamendi has now confirmed his agent’s statement that the player wishes to move away from the Spanish club.

He said: a The truth is that the only thing I have to say is that Ia m enjoying these moments with the national team, the Copa America, where wearing this shirt comes with great responsibility.

“I spoke with those I needed to speak to with my agent and Valencia knows very well what I want. After that, every word my agent say obviously comes with my authorization and he is fully authorized to speak with whomever he needs to speak to.”

“But at this moment in time, as I said, Ia m only thinking about the national team, trying to do the best I can when Ia m called upon to play and enjoying every moment.a

Otamendi added that he told Valencia president Amadeo Salvo what he wants but is leaving everything in the hands of his agent.

a I had a chat with the president and my agent and he knows what I want, but I told my agent that right now my head is focused and Ia m leaving everything that needs to get done in his hands.a

Otamendi also spoke about the picture he posted on his social media account with Angel Di Maria, furthering fueling the rumours that he could joining the Argentine star at Manchester United.

a Ia m enjoying every day. Ia m enjoying Di Maria, Rojo, Tevez, Messi and all the other players here.a

Manchester United want Otamendi for a price close to a 35 million, while Valencia are holding out for a 50 million, which is the release clause of the player.

The player was the only Valencia player to be selected in the La Liga Team of the Year 2014-15.

With the player pressing for a move away from the club, it remains to be seen if Valencia agree to Otamendi’s desires and let him move to Manchester United.