Former Manchester United FC midfielder Roy Keane was reputed for being a hot head during his playing days and has recently directed his rage at Wayne Rooney, sharply criticising the current United captain.


The fighting Irishman took issue with Rooney’s recent appearance on a wrestling show, where he slapped a WWE wrestler, and thinks that he needs to get his act together.

“Wayne [Rooney] was on about lack of composure and quality, but I think he was as guilty as anybody. He needs to step up to the plate,a Keane told ITV, according to

a You look at Waynea s legacy at Old Trafford, ita s absolutely fantastic, his goals record is brilliant. But now hea s the captain therea s more responsibility and I think hea s got to do a lot more.”

a I always question certain players. What are they doing off the field. Last week I saw him slapping a wrestler and Ia m thinking: a Why is he getting involved in all that nonsense?a Therea s no benefit to him. Ia d have a look at that side of it. Ita s certainly not helping him. I wouldna t begrudge him going out and enjoying himself, but if youa re not at it yourself youa ve got to have a look and lead by example. He doesna t look sharp, he looks awful.”


Rooney needs to get it together — mentally and physically

a Mentally he doesna t look really sharp, physically he doesna t look in great shape. He needs to have a look at himself,a Keane added, and it seems like the United legend has a point. The comments on Rooney’s physical shape have been coming in a lot this season with many fans even calling him ‘Fat Rooney’.

His killer instincts towards the goal have also been missing this season and he seems to be unable to get the pressure off him with a few good performances. He’s scored only twice in the league so far and it remains to be seen whether Roy Keane’s words can fire him up.