Legendary Manchester United midfielder Bryan Robson believes new signing Memphis Depay has the right attributes to be a success at Old Trafford, and the confidence to take on the responsibility of donning the iconic No.7 shirt


Manchester United fans have already seen glimpses of Dutch international Memphis Depay’s burgeoning talent in his time at the club so far, but will hope their new signing can have a major impact on what will be a challenging season for Louis van Gaal’s side.

The 21-year-old has taken on the added responsibility of the no.7 shirt at Manchester United, famously worn in the past by club icons like George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Robson believes Memphis has the right attributes to be a success

Former Manchester United midfielder Bryan Robson believes Memphis Depay has all the right attributes to be a success at the club, and that his willingness to take on the no.7 shirt is indicative of his confidence.

Speaking at a media event at Old Trafford, Robson is quoted by the Manchester United official website as saying: “I think hea s a confident lad. Hea s got great ability and great pace. So I dona t think thata s going to be a hassle to him, otherwise he wouldna t have accepted the no.7 shirt as soon as it was offered to him.

“I think if he had a problem, mentally, handling the pressure that comes with the no.7 shirt, he would have said a noa and asked for another number. So Ia m sure and would hope he will enjoy playing for Manchester United, relax and play in the way he wants to play.

“Memphis is only a young lad so ita s going to take a little bit of time for him to settle down. It looks like hea s got great attributes and he could do really well for us.”

Memphis Depay can make the no.7 shirt great again

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo departed for Real Madrid, Manchester United have failed to find a no.7 that could do justice to the iconic jersey worn by legends of the past. The likes of Michael Owen, Antonio Valencia and A?ngel Di Mar a have all worn the shirt with little success.

One gets the feeling though, that Memphis Depay has just the right combination of arrogance and ability to make the no.7 his own. The Dutchman has got off to a solid – if unspectacular – start in his d but Premier League season, and with manager Louis van Gaal a fan of the 21-year-old, there is every indication that he will get plenty of game time to settle in and make a real impact.

For better or for worse, the great no.7s the Red Devils have had – including Best, Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo – have all had idiosyncrasies which have endeared them to the Old Trafford faithful. Memphis Depay seems to have that sort of personality as well.

Whether or not he can fulfil his footballing potential on the pitch is a different story, and one that United fans will be following keenly as the season continues.