Manchester United are in the midst of a mutiny of sorts by the players, who are unconvinced by manager Louis Van Gaal’s training techniques.


It is believed that the players feel stifled by the strict training regime and the lack of creative freedom being afforded to them. The players are concerned by the treatment of the manager of some of their colleagues in former right-back Rafael da Silva and current outcast Victor Valdes.

A report in The Times indicated that a delegation of senior Manchester United players lead by captain Wayne Rooney and vice-captain Michael Carrick approached the manager to discuss these problems. The players are said to believe that the strict training regime is hampering their on-field performance. However, all of these requests and protests have fallen on deaf ears.

There are also reports of complaints by the players of the numerous pre and post match team meetings. The team is also concerned by the over-reliance of the Dutch manager on the use of video technology and especially on the inputs by video analyst Max Reckers. The squad is said to be disgruntled by the lengthy video and tactical sessions they are forced to sit through.

A report in The Telegraph read:

Louis van Gaala s heavy-handed treatment of Brazilian defender Rafael da Silva and the prominence given to video analyst Max Reckers have added to the training ground concerns that have left senior Manchester United players exasperated by the managera s methods.

Another paragraph in the same report highlighted the discontent within the squad by Van Gaal’s over-reliance on tactics and his video analyst.

But with several of the United squad schooled under Sir Alex Fergusona s cavalier, attacking approach, and the Latin element of the team rooted in flair and expression, there is a growing sense among the players of an over-reliance on Reckers and his input.

Players have become frustrated by lengthy video sessions and tactical meetings and the increasing focus on formation and tactics rather than flair.

Manchester United host Liverpool FC on Saturday and an unconvincing display against Brendan Rodgers’ side could see the Dutchman come under further scrutiny following the recent reports that have surfaced.