Sir Alex Ferguson, through his recently published book a Leadinga , has claimed that he managed only four truly a world classa players during his time as manager at Manchester United. The four players in question are Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona and the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ferguson, though, was quite critical of the media in his book and said the media were quick to use the term ‘world class’. a If you read the papers or listen to the television commentators, we seem to be awash with ‘world-class’ footballers”, he said.

Ferguson voiced his opinion that currently only the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are truly ‘world class’ players.

Ferguson was lyrical in his praise of Cristiano Ronaldo and said about his position in the team, a Cristiano was like an ornament on the top of a Christmas tree.a

Fergusona s claim entails that a lot of superstars who played for Manchester United during his time at the helm have been snubbed and may feel aggrieved but the former England captain isna t one of them.

United legend and fan favourite David Beckham, when enquired by BBC Sport, insisted that he wasna t offended, and went on to hail his luck to have received the chance to play for a the club he loved and still loves.a


He also agreed with Sir Alex Ferguson, whom he regarded as a the greatest manager of all timea , that there are certain players that one can call world class and he was thankful to have played and won trophies alongside them.

When pressed further by BBC, Beckham chipped in with the name of Brazilian Ronaldo, who was also world class according to him, during his four year stint at Real Madrid.