Manchester United are currently on a 4 match losing streak and will probably see out the year in the 6th position on the EPL table, yet experienced Premier League manager Harry Redknapp still thinks they have a chance of winning it all.

Harry Redknapp has managed a total of 5 Premier League sides, his most notable stint coming at Tottenham Hotspur between 2008 -2012, and he believed that Manchester United are still in the race for the Premier League title along with 4 other teams — Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Leicester, but believes that their vulnerability to slipping up leaves the title race open.

“They might have lost four games on the bounce but United are one of five or six who could even still win the Premier League this season. Manchester City have got beaten 4-1 this season by Tottenham and Liverpool and they look half a team without Vincent Kompany.”, he wrote in his column for The Telegraph.

“Chelsea are where they are and, while Arsenal lift you up sometimes, they can then go to Southampton on Saturday, get smashed and it is not really that much of a surprise. Tottenham still have a good chance and, even though it is very unlikely, it is not impossible for Leicester to win the league.”

Van Gaal can still pull it off

Redknapp also spoke at length about how Manchester United’s problems cannot solely be blamed on Louis van Gaal and said that the Dutchman has been receiving a lot of undue pressure, but he will be looking to win the Premier League to prove his naysayers wrong.


According to the English Manager, “There has been a lot of attention this week on Van Gaal’s Press Conference but, no matter who you are, it is not easy hearing people say you are going to get the sack… He will have a lot of personal pride, he will be deeply hurt by what is happening but will still think he can win the Premier League before he leaves Manchester United.”