Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has fired a warning shot at Derby opponents Manchester City after revealing that his side are playing better at the moment and are a completely different side compared to the last derby.

Manchester United are a point ahead of their neighbours at the moment although City can do something about that when they play their game in hand tonight against Crystal Palace. The two sides will face off against each other next week at Old Trafford and Van Gaal knows that his side are in better shape at the moment after picking up five wins on the trot since the defeat against Swansea City away from home.

City meanwhile have lost their last two away games and with two successive away games to follow, Manuel Pellegrini’s side could be in trouble if they don’t start performing on their travels.

The United boss revealed that confidence is a key part of both the Manchester clubs’s and added that his side seem to possess more of it now, a Of course it plays a part in the spirit of the players a of our opponents also a but also for our players.

a We have more confidence now and if they were to lose points against Crystal Palace then ita s also sitting in their minds, so maybe it plays a role.

a But thata s dependent on the individual player and I dona t know the individual players of City so well, so I cannot judge.

a But we have a lot of confidence a and we havena t lost so many times at home.

a City still have one match in hand a so ita s not so relevant. Ita s relevant after Monday night when a or if a they have lost points. Then it could be. When they lose points or if ita s a draw, then we will be even.

Last time United faced City, they were winless in two games. The defeat sparked a revival as they went on a six-game winning streak and were unbeaten in 10 games.

Van Gaal added, a That was another Manchester United, I believe. Now we have developed the team, that was more in the start of the process and now we are in the end of the process.

a So I think also the confidence of our players is very high at the moment, but also our performances show that, so ita s not the same Manchester United.a