Manchester City Star Joe Hart has revealed that he is taking help from a psychologist to improve his life , both off and on the pitch.

The Manchester City goalkeeper was a standout performer for the Citizens over the two legs against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League.

Hart was the only reason City left the Camp Nou having conceeded just a single goal,he single handedly denied the Barcelona attack on several occassions.

Hart told Sport magazine: “I’ve got a relationship with someone who I’ve worked with for a while. It’s a lot of fun. I like what I get out of it. Just generally a it’s not necessarily just football and trying to ‘unlock doors”.

“It’s just general a kind of free-flowing, feeling comfortable and safe to talk. Everyone could benefit from it, really, for life in general.”

Hart believes having a strong mentality is a must if you want to be successfull, especially if you are a goalkeeper.

‘You can feel when someone is in a good place and when someone feels good about what they do, the same as I can feel it with strikers. So, to be in a naturally good place is a lot better.

“You’ve got to believe in what you do and feel comfortable and confident when you go out. Being in the right frame of mind always helps a we all have vulnerable parts, times in our game when you’re thinking the worst can happen. But you need to limit them as best you can.”

“I’ve always kind of accepted in my role as a goalkeeper that making mistakes is going to happen. But turning it into a positive is something that I’ve improved on, definitely.”

Hart has been in fine form this season, playing behind a defence who have still yet to hit their stride and are struggling to find form,but Hart added that making a save isn’t quite the feeling as scoring a goal.

“It’s a very good feeling,” he says. “It’s a good surge. But the thing with making a save is that you can’t run off and slide on your knees. Unless you’ve caught it, you’ve either pushed it out into play or pushed it for a corner. It’s gone.”

“As good as making a good save can be, you’ve got to be aware that five seconds later you can let one through your hands.”

Despite going out,Hart made a crucial late penalty save against Lionel Messi in the first leg of the Champions league tie to keep his side still in with a chance in the second leg.

“Penalties are an easy one to zone in on because it’s a one-on-one duel. There’s nothing that can be done a it’s not like someone can do a sneaky one when you’re not looking.”

“You try and make the moment as big for them as it is for you. Some people are immune to that, and you’re wasting your time. But there’s a few people who it might help with.”

“Saving one is a good feeling. In my head it’s all because of me. But, realistically, they might have just taken a bad penalty or made the wrong decision. Anyone is more than capable of scoring past me from 12 yards, whatever team it is.”

As City look to close the gap on league leaders Chelsea ,Hart will have to keep his form intact as they go on a crucial run of games in the league.