The Premier League is all about money now, and that is evident from the fact that five of the top 10 richest European clubs are from England’s top flight football at the moment.

The likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC are all in the the top 10 list, which is unsurprisingly headed by none other than Real Madrid.

Los Blancos and their arch rivals FC Barcelona complete the top three, with Manchester United sandwiched between them in the second place.


However, as yet another proof that the Premier League is the richest football league in the world, eight of the top 20 teams are from the top flight of English football. The two surprise English names that creeped into the list are West Ham United (A?196 million) and Newcastle United (A?222 million).

PSG not as rich as they seem?

While there has been a lot of talk about PSG being one of the teams that have great purchasing power, the list that was prepared by research experts from the London School of Marketing, places the French Ligue 1 champions considerably lower on the pecking order than previously thought.

In fact, they are placed at 12th, just below AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund, who are known to have considerably lesser amount of purchasing power than most other top sides.

Manchester City make the big jump

The blue side of Manchester has experienced exponential growth over the last seven years, ever since Sheikh Mansour took over the club in 2008. Since then, Manchester City have experienced a growth of 94 per cent, and have have moved up to the fourth place, one place ahead of Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and two ahead of fellow Premier League rich kids Chelsea FC.

a Football remains the only real global sport with a passionate and faithful following,” Jacques de Cock of London School of Marketing was quoted as saying in the Daily Mirror. “The European football clubs travel much better than US sports and the largest clubs have supporters in over 80 countries, making targeted campaigns in various regions a real possibility.”