Manuel Pellegrini has insisted he is not worried about his future even as there is growing speculation that he will be sacked by Manchester City if they limply crash out of the title race. The Chilean has already been linked with a move to Napoli as Rafa Benitez’s situation with the Italian club looks like it will be over come the summer.

However, the former Real Madrid boss has insisted he is relaxed about the future and is looking to finish his three year contract, and possibly more, with the defending league champions.

He said, “My future is very easy. I have a contract here until June 2016 and I will finish my contract here and if I can extend my contract, I will extend my contract.

“When I sign a contract, I always try to finish my contract in the amount of years I signed for at the beginning. If I am not happy, maybe you try to finish your contract earlier. Here I am very happy. I will continue without any problems until the end of my contract.”

Former Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has been showing interest in City midfielder Yaya Toure and striker Stevan Jovetic and there are repeated links in media outlets that Mancini would be able to lure Toure away from City.

Pellegrini said on the matter, “I don’t know how he has so much information about the players. Jovetic, the same as me, has a contract here. We are not talking about what will happen next season with the players. We are just thinking about Burnley.

“There is so much news about Yaya from the beginning of the year. Maybe everyone would like to have Yaya in their squad, but he is a contract here, he is happy here, he will continue here.”

There were reports of a bust-up between Fernandinho and captain Vincent Kompany after City’s 2-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield two weeks back. Pellegrini has gone on to insist that there is no disharmony in the dressing room and that the squad is “absolutely together”.

He said, “There is not any problem. There was a normal scene, nothing important. It is not important to talk about what happened 20 days ago.

“The squad is absolutely together.”

Fernandinho himself has cleared the air and said that the matter was made a bigger deal of in the media.

“It was nothing major. There were other people around us, and you have to raise your voice a little bit. There was no fight, just a conversation.

“Every player in every team speaks to each other in order to improve the quality on the pitch a that communication is necessary. You have to talk, and that is what happened.

“There was a conversation and not much more than that. I don’t know why people actually thought there was a fight. We spoke about how we could improve things in that match.a

He added, “I don’t have anything bad to say about Vinny. He is a great player, a great team member, and I have always liked him.

“Myself and Vinny spoke about it that day, and everything was settled on that day. It was finished. It’s very weird that this story actually came up; for something so small to suddenly become so big.a