Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher believes that Raheem Sterling’s latest act of refusing to go on the pre-season tour may have been instructed to him by Manchester City.

In the latest twist in the Raheem Sterling saga, the player has told Liverpool FC that he does not want to join their pre-season tour of the Far East and Australia having expressed his desire to leave the club with Manchester City preparing a third offer for the player.

However the club still expects the player to join the pre-season tour with their stance remaining unchanged and until . Manchester City match his valuation, Sterling will be expected to honour his commitments with Liverpool FC.

Since then, Sterling has reportedly called in sick and is not attending the Liverpool training session.

However, as per Sky Sports, the player had a meeting with manager Brendan Rodgers, telling him that he does not want more money but wants to leave because he does not see himself playing for him. The club have categorically denied that Raheem Sterling has an issue with Brendan Rodgers and no longer wants to play for him.

Jamie Carragher believes that Sterling’s actions will only make Liverpool FC more determined not to cave into his demands and Manchester City are playing their part in the youngster’s actions.

“Reports today suggest Raheem Sterling has told Brendan Rodgers he doesn’t want to go away on the pre-season tour,” Carragher wrote.

“This at times comes from the club who are chasing the player, in this case Man City, who ask a player to try and force the move after having two bids that were unsuccessful. All clubs at times have asked a player to push a move through but even so it’s still a story that doesn’t reflect well on Raheem.”

“He’s starting to get a reputation that could be hard to rid himself of in the future, are Man City fans looking at the situation and thinking this could be us in a few years?”

“I think this situation will only make Liverpool more determined to get the fee they feel Raheem is worth rather than caving in to Raheem’s & Man City’s wishes.”

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