Chelsea were crowned Premier League champions last season in what was the dullest title race for a while. Manchester City were in the running at the beginning of the season but by the end, it was pretty much how soon Chelsea could wrap things up.

Needless to say, the City players want to right their wrongs of last season and leading from the front, two time Premier League champion with City, captain Vincent Kompany has expressed his desire to ensure his side win the title next year. He also admitted that Chelsea walked away as winners last time and it was partly because Manchester City let them

The Belgium international said, a It was a disappointment for City, it was a disappointment for every single player at the club. Kun [Sergio AgA?ero] and Joe Hart got some rewards, which still gave us a good feeling as well, but it shows what the club wants to achieve because we finished second, so therea s a lot of other clubs behind us still.

a But Chelsea kind of ran away with it and it was too early, too easy, and we cana t afford that any more this season. We have been competitive for the past four or five years now, so that wona t change. But we lost the league last year a and it happens. You cana t win every single year, the same as Chelsea two years ago a they didna t win the league, we did.


a But you want it to be a tight race and whenever we won it, it was always a tight race, so wea d like to be in there at least to the end, and if we have a really good season, we can maybe change the roles a little bit and just get to the end in a confident manner.a

City do need to make some summer additions if they want to ensure they can fight Chelsea, Arsenal and even Manchester United for the title next season. The relaxation of FFP laws over them will help matters as they eye Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling, Juventus star Paul Pogba and Wolfsburga s Kevin de Bruyne among others.