Barcelona forward Luis Suarez wants FIFA to apologise to him regarding his ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup.

The former Liverpool attacker was banned for nine games for Uruguay and couldn’t participate in the recently concluded Copa America, consequently. He was also banned for four months from football and told that he couldn’t do anything related to the sport including use the stadium to watch his countrya s matches.

The 27 year-old believes that his ban was excessive.

a When the Diego Godin goal went in, I didna t celebrate the way I woulda ve done,a he told Fox Sports Radio in Uruguay.

a I realised what I had done was wrong and I knew what could happen.

‘In my opinion, Fifaa s Disciplinary Committee know my ban was excessive and at some point Ia d love them to apologise and admit it was the wrong punishment, just as I admitted when I was wrong.a


Suarez admitted he broke down after the punishment was awarded.

a When Tabarez announced the sanction, I tried to be strong, but the tears were inevitable.

a Someone can make a mistake, but to say a you cana t even enter a stadiuma is incomprehensible.a

Chiellini himself, in fact, said that the player’s ban was indeed excessive.

Eventually, FIFA upheld the ban on him not being allowed to play competitive matches for four months, but let the player participate in “football related activities”

The move proved to be detrimental in Liverpool selling him to Barcelona. The Uruguayan came back to football all guns blazing and played a crucial role in the club’s treble last season.