Liverpool FC midfielder Lucas Leiva has revealed that manager Jurgen Klopp has urged his side to be a very intense, very aggressive with yourself, and always try to be better” as one of his first words to them.

Klopp took charge of the Anfield outfit following the dismissal of manager Brendan Rodgers after a poor start to the new season.

Lucas reveals Klopp’s first words

Talking to the cluba s TV channel, Lucas said: “He seems to be very passionate a he likes to put in everything that he has and he asks the players for the same.

a Be very intense, be aggressive with yourself. Always try to be better, always give 10 metres more, because that will be the key to success. That is what he has been saying to us in the last couple of days. He seems to be a very open manager and someone that likes to be close to the players, but very straight as well.a

Lucas looking forward to working with Klopp

The Brazil midfielder went on to express his desire to continue to grow and learn under Klopp, a manager with a very impressive track record.

He said: a His CV is amazing so I think everyone is really excited to learn with him and improve as a player and a team, because thata s the only way we will achieve what we want.

a I watch a lot of football. The year [Borussia Dortmund] arrived in the Champions League final, I remember their games, especially against Manchester City in Manchester, where they were fantastic. We played against Dortmund when he was in charge as well. I know a little bit about what he wants the players to do.

a But, of course, working with him closely now will be even better. Hopefully, Ia ll improve as a player. Everyone is looking forward to learning a Ita s still early days. We have to listen a lot and try to pick up all of the information that he gives us as soon as possible. Then wea ll be able to put on to the pitch what he wants.a

Klopp took charge of the first training session on Monday, and so far, he seems to be hitting all the right buttons, if his first press conference as well as Lucas Leiva’s words are anything to go by.

His track record of taking Dortmund to two Bundesliga titles as well as one UEFA Champions League final helps him command the authority that Brendan Rodgers could not.


That being said, Klopp has to ensure that a bad result at White Hart Lane does not dent the confidence shown in him by the players as well as the fans.