Southampton manager Ronald Koeman has had a go at Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal and has claimed that he has no calmness about him.

The duo worked together at Barcelona where Koeman was deputy to Van Gaal, but things did not work out and eventually due to differences they have never worked with each other again.

Koeman said that Van Gaal has a certain degree of arrogance in himself which leads to tension in the dressing room and in general, the club, a When you bring Van Gaal in the house, you bring in quality,a said the Saints boss. a But you also bring in someone who thinks he knows everything. And that will cause clashes.

a There is a big difference between him and me as managers. I was his assistant at Barcelona after the World Cup in 1998. I learned a lot of things from him.”

Koeman added that the former Dutch team manager instills fear in the team thanks to his volatile nature, a When you have Van Gaal in charge, it is a fact that there is fear in his team. The players have a fear for mister Van Gaal. That is not always good.a

a But the way he handles his players is totally different from the way I work. I dona t put as much pressure on the shoulder of players.

Louis van Gaal made some brave decisions

Louis van Gaal and Ronald Koeman don’t exactly see eye to eye

Koeman also said that Van Gaal isn’t a manager who will give a player enough chances as he doesn’t have a soft side to his coaching style, a After Van Gaal coached the Dutch national team at the World Cup, the Dutch federation had to decide to bring in a manager who would bring in a soft touch,a said Koeman.

a The players needed an arm around their shoulder. A manager who is calmer than Van Gaal.a a

Over the years, Van Gaal’s tough style has made careers and in some cases it hasn’t worked out. The classic case is that of Bastian Schwienstieger who was deployed in a defensive role by Van Gaal and since then the German has been the first choice in that position. However, his fallout with the German media and Bayern Munich can make us see his brash nature as well. Arjen Robben is another player who has credited his success to Van Gaal while his teammate Franck Ribery feels the opposite after revealing he did not enjoy working under Van Gaal back in 2010.