Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has revealed that the addition of triangles was key in his team setup as it has provided players with options wherever they are on the pitch.

Van Gaal said that he prefers the 4-3-3 formation with quality midfielders in the holding midfielder’s position and the attacking position, a Ita s always dependent on the players involved, but everybody knows the system I prefer is 1-4-3-3 with a No.10 or No.6. A holding midfielder or a No.10 player behind the strikers.

a Ita s dependable of the quality of the players, but also of the opponent.

a But I prefer it because thata s the easiest system to dominate the game because it is over the whole pitch triangles and that gives the players always two options at least.

a But I have played with several other systems because of the quality of the players who were available in that moment.a

a I think that in general we were the better team,a he said. a So when you analyse our teams I think only three or four times the opponents were better in dominating or playing the game, so thata s also important.

a In attractiveness I think we could have done better, but very important are also the results.a

Since the defeat against Swansea in February, United have won four games in a row and have kept three clean sheets in the process. After their win over Liverpool last week, they are five points clear of the Merseysiders who occupy the fifth spot and are the United’s rivals for that fourth spot.

Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini’s rise this season has been a key in the side doing well. The Belgian feels Van Gaal’s expertise was what was needed after a poor campaign last season, a The coach is very strict, but thata s good. We needed such a coach. Last season we had a bad season. We even missed European qualification. We needed a coach who would put some playersa feet back on the ground.

a If he says something, you should do it. Otherwise youa ll fly out of it (the team).a

Van Gaal also added that motivating the players in the right way is important for them to develop and grasp what the manager wants them to do, a For a manager it is always better to give compliments than always corrections,a he said. a I think the players know me in another way than the media.

a I asked the players what they find – but I have a lot of corrections. But they have to agree with me otherwise they cannot perform it the next time.a

With tactical decisions, questions might arise from the players’ side, but Van Gaal said that that doesn’t happen usually, a Most of the players doesna t dare to do that, but they can when they have good arguments.

a I listen to their arguments. Thata s the main thing. I listen to their arguments and when the argument is better than my argument then maybe I change my opinion.a