Former England international and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher was full of praise for his former club Liverpool after their dominant display against Manchester City on Saturday.

Liverpool FCa s new manager Jurgen Klopp can definitely point towards the match as his best performance since taking over the club, but it was former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher who was seen praising his former club while analysing the match on Skya s Monday Night Football alongside Gary Neville.

Carragher seemed so impressed with the performance that he drew comparisons with the great Liverpool sides of the past to describe the performance of Liverpool. While the comparison may have gone a bit over the top, Liverpool did have chances to add more to their tally as Kloppa s tactic worked perfectly against Manchester City.

“The first 30 or 35 minutes was as good as anything I can remember. Not from Klopp or any Liverpool team, but in the Premier League – at least when going away to a big team like Man City who are one of the top sides,a the ex-England defender said on Sky’s Monday Night Football(via Daily Mirror).

“For Liverpool supporters in their forties or fifties, the run they went on for the first goal was like Ian Rush running onto the end of a Kenny Dalglish pass – a straight pass to a diagonal run. That is what you saw all day. It was like the Red Arrows watching Liverpool, they were just running through people all the time. They could’ve scored another two or three goals just from this sort of tactic.a

Scintillating front three

Carragher also took his time to praise the Liverpool front three of Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Adam Lallana that ran the City defence ragged with their constant movement.

“The front three of Coutinho, Firmino and Adam Lallana were scintillating and they played very narrow. The two reasons for that, I think, was to stop Man City – when they were in possession – from playing balls into midfield and force them wide.

“But also when they’re that narrow, they can make penetrating runs from there because City centre-backs like to step out to the ball, be aggressive and when they’re on the edge of the box, they always hold that line.”

Kloppa s tactics pay off

Carragher went on to talk about the effect of Kloppa s ability to play an organised and structured format, as he praised Kloppa s effect in just 10 days of the international break.

“You could see the work that had been done during the week.”

“We’ve spoken about the work of Klopp in terms of being organised and pressing. I think that was the first time we’ve seen the work of him offensively, what he can do and maybe the damage he can cause with his teams, and that’s from working with those players for 10 days during the international break.”

Carragher being a childhood Liverpool FC fan may have gone over top during the analysis, but the Reds did have an extraordinary evening against Manchester City and it would be unfair to discredit their performance so easily. But it will definitely spice up the race for the top four spots if they can manage to constantly perform at that level throughout the season.