These reports and comments are not going to leave us till an official word comes from one of the parties — so you might as well brace yourselves.

Liverpool FC‘s tremulous season will be over in around two weeks and the players will be able to heave a sigh of relief. They’ll regroup over the pre-season and hope to put things right next time around. However, one man will be even more under the microscope as the campaign finishes, and that is Brendan Rodgers.

The underwhelming results and finish to this season has definitely put his job in jeopardy, especially since one of the most coveted managers in European football just made himself available. Jurgen Klopp could be managing Liverpool next season if the Liverpool owners decide to end Rodgers’s reign at the club in the post-season review that is going to take place.

Former Liverpool player Steve McMahon, who won three league titles with the club during his six years Reds career, believes the club owners have to hire Klopp if they want to get back to “where they belong”.

He writes for ESPN: “If Liverpool are to get back to where they belong in English football, they need to be ruthless. That’s why they must go all out to bring in Jurgen Klopp as manager next season.

The club’s owners need to weigh up all options and judge exactly who the best available candidate for the job is. Klopp has proven what he can do with his remarkable record at Borussia Dortmund over the past seven years.

Now that he’s announced that he’s leaving at the end of the current campaign, this presents a great opportunity for Liverpool to recruit one of the best managers in world football.”

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McMahon goes on to say that the decision might be harsh for Rodgers, who has progressed the club which was in shambles before he took over, and if Klopp were disinterested, another year with the Northern Irishman made sense. He also claims that Rodgers seems to be a better coach, than manager.

“For Brendan Rodgers, this may seem harsh — even disrespectful — given all the hard work that he’s put in at Anfield. If Klopp isn’t available or interested, then it would make sense to give Rodgers more time.

But I believe that one-time assistant to Jose Mourinho at Chelsea is probably a better coach than he is a manager.

The Ulsterman is superb when he is on the training pitch, putting on creative and inspiring sessions for players. But he’s shown this season that he may not be as adept when it comes to his man management skills and the recruitment of players.”