Liverpool humiliated themselves in a shocking display against Stoke City in the last Premier League game of the season.

The game was Steven Gerrard’s last and ironically, the midfielder lost his first Premier League game by more than four goals.

Despite scoring a goal in the 70th minute, Gerrard had to endure a miserable result in his final game with the game ending 6-1 in Stoke’s favor

Stoke became the first team to score five goals vs Liverpool in a league game since Coventry in December 1992. It is Liverpool’s heaviest league defeat since 1954.

There were calls for two penalties for the Reds, but with a performance they put in, they wouldn’t feel “robbed” for not getting those in their favour.

The situation is becoming embarrassing for Brendan Rodgers now and the fact that there is no such security in these top jobs and decisions are made very quickly by chairman these days. If things looked tough for him a few days back, a 5-0 humiliating defeat will certainly not help matters.

Steven Gerrard ends the season as Liverpool’s top scorer with 13 goals, 9 in the league. Raheem Sterling who did not feature in the match after the events that unravelled, finishes behind Gerrard with 11 goals, 7 in the league