Liverpool were knocked out of the semi-finals of both the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup. They disappointingly exited the Champions League as they failed to make their way out of their group. Add to that, Rodgers’s men are currently fifth and after in all probability, will miss out on next year’s Champions League. While the possibility of them somehow landing up with the competition next season looked bleak after the Arsenal match, Manchester City’s underwhelming form gave them some hope. But the Reds dropped two points against Baggies as they came back from the Hawthorns with a 0-0 draw.

This is in stark contrast to last season when the Merseysider almost won the league title for the first time since 1990. All in all, Liverpool are undergoing a very underwhelming campaign and boss Brendan Rodgers has spoken about a possible sacking but insisted the owners have a long term plan meaning they will not be taking any knee-jerk decisions. He also said that there has been clear progress over the last two seasons.

a Listen, that (the sack) may come at some stage. Ia m not sat here in a beautiful red comfy chair thinking Ia m going to be here forever. Thata s not the case, a Rodgers told the Liverpool Echo.

a The owners know the work that has gone in. Ia ve worked tirelessly since Ia ve been in here and theya ve seen the progress. Of course when you disappoint in a big game like that it can sway decisions but they are very understanding of where wea re at.

a This was always going to be a longer term plan. I dona t think anyone can say that we havena t made progress. We took over a team who finished eighth and in the last two and three quarter seasons we have implemented a philosophy to win games and excite.

a We went on an unexpected run that nearly brought us the title last season and qualified for the Champions League. This season wea ve reached two cup semi-finals without our No 1 striker.

a What we have to do is make that next step. We want to be winners and I am even more motivated than the first day I walked in here.a