Liverpool FC midfielder Roberto Firmino has made two substitute appearances for the Reds since his move from Hoffenheim in July, but the forward hopes to make his full debut on Monday night against Arsenal FC.

Liverpool FC hope to avenge their morale-crushing 4-1 defeat at Arsenal FC from last season when they face off on Monday night.


One player who is expected to be a key catalyst to transform Liverpool FC from a sixth placed team to a Champions League outfit is new signing Roberto Firmino, whose signing is hailed as a coup for Liverpool.

Firmino working hard to start against Arsenal FC

Speaking ahead of the game, Firmino was quoted by the Guardian where he stated that he is working hard to start his first game for the Reds.

He said: a That is my aim but therea s a healthy competition in the squad right now and the manager knows who should be starting games,

a So all I can do is keep on working so I will be ready when I am given the chance to start.a

Firmino thanks Germany

Firmino was late to join the pre-season preparations at Liverpool, as he was away to represent Brazil on Copa America duty.

The 23-year-old looks primed for success in the Premier League, and he believes he owes much of that to his upbringing in the Bundesliga.

a I am very proud of being Brazilian but I am also thankful for having the chance to play in Germany for four and a half years,a he continued.

a I have completely changed the way I play football because Germany is a tougher, faster game which is more tactical with tighter marking.

a It was a great experience to have a chance to play in Germany for that time and, while Ia m very proud to be a Brazilian player, I consider myself to be half Brazilian and half German on the pitch.a