Liverpool FC have scored just four goals in six games in all competition this season. Acknowledging the lack of creativity, manager Brendan Rodgers has assured supporters that the players are working on ability to take more risks ahead of Norwich game on Sunday.

Liverpool FC will be aided by return of Daniel Sturridge, with Jordan Henderson and Joe Allen also in contention for the tie. As Coutinho returns from suspension to play in the league and Lallana looking sharp in mid-week, Liverpool have most of their cavalry back and should improve.

One thing that has irked the Liverpool fans is the brand of football being played at Anfield. The football is in stark contrast to what manager Brendan Rodgers had promised, and indeed, played for most of his tenure at Liverpool and even before.

Rodgers urges the need to take more risks

Urging his side to take more risks in order to win games, Rodgers was quoted saying by the Guardian:

a I have always said that possession is no good without purpose a you have to be able to penetrate and thata s something we are looking at within the team.

a Of the last 19 games, in 17 of them we have scored only one goal. When you look at that cold fact it tells you we have to be better with our creativity and part of that is having the bravery to take people on, to take a risk and make individual actions that might not come off but has us in an aggressive mind-set. Thata s something the players are aware of and are working very hard to achieve. As I say, ita s not just this season, it has been over 19 games. Ita s about finding the dynamic in the team and having the players who can create those opportunities and score goals.a

a For some reason that wee bit of risk has come out of our game,a he told reporters.

a It only takes that one performance to spin the season around again.a

Rodgers relishing Coutinho-Benteke-Sturridge link up

Looking forward to playing the trio together, Rodgers insisted that it will add an “exciting dynmaic” to the Liverpool attack.


a On his game [Sturridge is] one of the best that there is,a he continued.

a For him ita s just about getting himself back in and playing and obviously getting the goals.

a When he can stretch teams like he can with his pace, and you put Christian beside him and Coutinho behind that or beside him, ita s a really exciting dynamic.

a Wea ve been waiting for that for quite a period of time.a