Jose Mourinho might reportedly be having dressing room problems at the moment at Chelsea FC, but the Portuguese has been receiving praises from all quarters, with Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard being the latest to join in.

In an interview with BT Sport, where he was seated beside none other than Mourinho himself, Gerrard revealed that he had received a letter from the Chelsea FC manager. The former Liverpool man also went on to express his gratitude to Mourinho for the touching letter, the contents of which were not revealed.

“It was after a charity match that we held at Anfield. John Terry, who was kind enough to make his way down and do his bit for charity, handed me a letter,” Gerrard said. “He said ‘open it it. It’s a bit of a surprise for you.’

“When I got home I opened the letter and it was from this fella [Mourinho]. It was a very touching message,” he continued.

Mourinho’s letter to Gerrard was so touching that he framed it

The now Chelsea Fc manager had famously tried (as he himself accepts) to sign Gerrard. However, the Scouser that he is, Gerrard remained true to Liverpool FC, not wanting to go to any club where he would have to play against the Reds.

In spite of the rivalry between the two clubs though, Gerrard says that he has framed this “touching” letter.

“The letter is now in a frame, in pride of place in my house, that’s what it means to me – and it was a nice touch which shows what he gives to players off the pitch – even players who have been a rival and who have turned him down on two or three occasions!

“He’s still humble enough and a gentleman to take the time to write me a letter,” said Gerrard. Here is the short clip, where the Liverpool FC legend hails the Chelsea FC manager.