The Liverpool FC fans are certainly having a great time after their team thrashed the then league leaders Manchester City 4-1 at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday night.

However, it seems that simple bragging rights were not enough for some fans, who took to Wikipedia to inflict more humiliation on their Manchester City counterparts, as they edited the description of the Etihad stadium.

For a while the stadium’s page said that it was also known as the “Liverpool FC Training Ground”, according to the Daily Mirror.

“As of 22/11/2015, it has been named as Liverpool FC U19 Training Ground in honor of the utter humiliation suffered by the Manchester City first tema at the hands of the Liverpool FC first team,” said the Wikipedia page, for a while.

However, these changes have been edited back to the correct facts, since then.

Liverpool FC completely dominated the match against Manchester City, who were looking to stay at the top of the table, in their bid to fight for the Premier League title. But that was all blown away by the brand of ‘heavy metal football’ that Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp’s teams generally play.

This win of course, takes Liverpook FC to 20 points, and puts them right back in contention for a Champions League spot, in spite of being just ninth on the Premier League table. They are level on points with Everton and Southampton, but are just behind these two teams on goal difference.

Liverpool FC fans name Klopp as owner of Etihad Stadium

While terming the Etihad Stadium their ‘training, the Liverpool FC fans also declared that Jurgen Klopp is the owner of the stadium. They did not stop just at that though, as they also declared that Liverpool FC forward Roberto Firmino is the operator of the stadium.

The Brazilian played a crucial part in the match, as he scored one and set up two more goals in the match, rightfully earning the title of “ground operator”.