FC Barcelona right-back Dani Alves says Lionel Messi is a better player than Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo because he has more influence in matches.

Dani Alves reckons Lionel Messi is the better player among the two giants of the game because he has more influence on a game, beyond just goals or assists as debate continues to rage about the best player in the world between the two La Liga stars.


“Messi is much better than Cristiano Ronaldo,” he told Bola da Vez. “Messi has an influence on the play and Cristiano doesna t. See if he has an influence on play beyond scoring goals and appearing in certain moves.”

“Messi is influential, he plays and assists. Messi has a divine gift. Cristiano works hard. We have our battles, but I admire him. He is a guy with great dedication and hea s competitive.”

“Ronaldo has things that I don’t admire because I play for the team. I think that my team is more important than me. I think he cares little for what really matters, which is the collective side of the game.”

“So much so that some criticised us during the celebration of titles while he celebrated the league top goalscorer award.a

Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona manager Luis Enrique had a reported falling out during the course of the season with the Argentina super star being left out of his side’s defeat to Real Sociedad at the start of 2015, but Dani Alves insists these things happen in football.

“Fights sometimes occur due to wanting to improve. Of course the anger existed, but it was about competing. Everything started during a match in a training session due to the interpretation of an action.”

“It was a move that the coach interpreted in one way and Messi in another. Messi is very competitive and never wants to lose and his team lost and the discussion grew.”

“Each one has a way of being, but we all have the same objective. Besides, fights even occur in the best families.”