Premier League, has confirmed that Frank Lampard has been registered as a Manchester City and not as a New York City player. The league, is also satisfied that the Premier League champions have not broken any rules, in order to sign Frank Lampard. Lampard, was unveiled as a New York City player last summer and was loaned to Manchester City. However, reports show that Frank Lampard, has never actually signed a contract with the MLS club.

There have been suggestions that Lampard might actually have signed with the City Football Group – the parent company for both clubs – but the Premier League has indicated there is no provision for a move to NYCFC.

The league has looked into the matter, feeling it needed to ascertain who owned Lampard’s contract to safeguard the integrity of its competition.The Premier League statement read, “Frank Lampard is registered with Manchester City FC until the end of the 2014-15 season.

“The Premier League has sought and received assurances from Manchester City that there is no agreement in place between the club or City Football Group with New York City FC relating to the player.”

There has been massive criticism of Frank Lampard’s elongated stay at Manchester City, by New York City’s support group ‘ The Third Rail’. An official statement from the support group read, “”Many fans, including our members, decided to support the team, committed to season tickets, and bought merchandise under the impression that Frank Lampard would be playing for New York City Football Club, not Manchester City”.

However, with Frank Lampard a Manchester City player, New York City supporters would have to go home disappointed.

The league statement came in response to the confusion over Lampard’s status amid continuing silence by both clubs.

The New York team, which debuts in Major League Soccer in March, announced last July that Lampard signed a two-year contract, and used it to promote the sale of jerseys and season tickets.

Shortly after that, Man City announced Lampard was returning to the Premier League on loan to stay match fit for his New York debut.

This controversy arose when Manchester City decided to extend Frank Lampard’s loan stay. However, the controversy has not affected Lampard’s form in any manner as the former Chelsea midfielder was once again on the score sheet against Sunderland, in Manchester City’s last game.