Alexandre Lacazette has been offered a a 4m salary by Lyon, to ensure his future at the club amidst all the interest surrounding him.

Lacazette has been the subject of a lot of interest and speculation. The Ligue 1 forward was one of the stars of Europe last season as he took France by storm and finished the season as the league’s top scorer with 27 league goals. He was an instrumental part in the club challenging for the title and coming very close to winning it.

When a player scorer those number of goals and is only 24, it is but natural that top clubs come sniffing around to bolster their squad and Lacazette’s case has been the same. He has been linked with every club at a time known as “silly season” among fans.

Amidst severe interest from PSG and rumors of Premier League clubs Arsenal and Manchester United being interested, club president Aulas has gone on record to state that he will make the player the highest earner in Europe if he decides to commit to the club.

“We have offered him a salary that will give him at least a 4 million [A?2.9m] per year,” Aulas said. “I have to say this because we are publicly floated on the stock market. If he agrees to stay at OL for one or two more years, he will be the biggest earner at the club.”

Lacazette has so far been non-committal about his future and said that he has not decided about whether he was going to stay or leave.

“I’ve not made my decision,” he told Le Parisien.

“I’m going to go on holiday and leave my agent to discuss it and occupy himself with that. I’m not going to be worried by it. As soon as I’ve decided, I want it to be carried out quickly. It’s tough to say no to Barcelona and Real Madrid. But today, it’s not a 50-50 case of whether I stay or go, I’m not thinking about it.

“I’ll go to the France team and think. I can stay at Lyon and have a bad season as much as I can go and have an exceptional season. It all depends on my destination. If I go to a club with six centre-forwards, it’s not the same as if I’m first choice.”

Meanwhile ex-Manchester United player Louis Saha believes Lacazette would be a hit at Old Trafford.

He said, a a I think ita s a must United sign a striker. Because you have always the need for competition up front, thata s what brings excellence to every player.

France vs Denmark .

a So yes, I would say that a big name (like Falcao) is not something that is always good for a managera s experience. Maybe a bit more speed than before, to put the defenders on their toes a bit more and to get behind defenders.

a Could Lacazette thrive at United? I think so, ita s obvious hea s done really well in France, hea s scored many, many goals because he can threaten behind, he can score from far, hea s a very clever player.a