Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp has hailed the ”dominant” performances of captain Jordan Henderson since his return from the injury, while also revealing his determination to get the best out of Christian Benteke by using his natural skills.


Henderson’s dominant display from the central midfield was a key factor in Liverpool FC overcoming league leaders Leicester City, who had lost just once all season till the trip to Anfield.

The Liverpool FC captain’s injury troubles already seem well and truly past him now, and manager Jurgen Klopp was quick to acknowledge his contributions from the midfield.

Klopp hails Henderson, reminds him of defensive duty

Speaking ahead of the Sunderland tie, the German manager hailed Henderson. He was quoted as saying by Liverpool Echo: a He was strong, hea s getting his rhythm, it’s very important he can stay in this rhythm after his third game back.

a He was good at Watford too, it was not easy to look good in Watford but he was.

a Now next step against Leicester, he was really dominant and the first time since Ia ve been here that we played in a 4-4-2 Hendo and Emre together, parts of both with offensive ideas.”

Liverpool FC vs AFC Bournemouth

Klopp wants better defensive contribution from the Liverpool FC captain

However, Klopp was not all praise as he was also quick to point out the areas needing improvement for the Liverpool FC captain.

a If you have these two players, a six or the eight, one of them has to protect our offensive zone. Sometimes we had to have a little conversation, they needed help from outside to say a please now, the other one is in the box so waita .

a But it was really good and I hope he stays fit and he will help us of course, hea s high quality player.a

Klopp acknowledges Benteke is different from his other strikers, vows to use his natural skills

The injury to strikers Daniel Sturridge, Danny Ings, and now Divock Origi means the onus of leading the Liverpool FC front line falls on 32.5m GBP man Christian Benteke.

Prior to his signing, there were massive debates among the Reds’ faithful reharding whether Benteke would at all fit in the style of play deployed by the then manager Brendan Rodgers, very much similar to that being played by Klopp.

However, Klopp has once again moved to squash any negativity surrounding Benteke, stating that his natural abilities are more than good enough and it is his job to make use of them.

Klopp's intelligent use of Benteke reaped rewards

Klopp looking to use Benteke’s natural skills rather than changing him too much

Klopp said: “He is a player with such potential so ita s always if he doesna t play perfect, you always think a therea s a little bit and therea s a little bit.a

a Of course hea s not the same striker as Daniel (Sturridge) because of the movement, as Divock (Origi) because of the movement.

a All these strikers are different. We have to use his natural skills and he has to try to be more involved in the game. Thata s all, then we can make steps together.

a Ita s not possible for a player to come in and play your own style when the team plays different for example.

a At the end a striker has to make goals, I know this, everybody knows this. Therea s more time in the game when we need him defending set players, big quality, for offensive set plays, big qualities, all these things. We are clear.a