Having clashed with West Brom boss Tony Pulis in last week’s draw, Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp has offered to apologise to the feisty Welshman, who had some choicest words in his presser for the German.

Klopp refused to shake Pulis’ hand following the 2-2 draw at Anfield, that had seen the pair exchange words on multiple occasions.

The German had criticized West Brom’s style of play and had labelled was quoted sayinga it was not a friendly game”


Pulis hits back on Klopp’s comments

The West Brom manager was at his sarcastic best when asked to give his take on the German’s comments on West Brom’s style of play.

Pulls was quoted saying by This Is Anfield: a a We apologise. We actually played three longer passes in 99 minutes than what Liverpool played in that game.

a But if I had a team that was worth A?200million, playing against a team that was worth less than A?20million and we never won that game, Ia d be doing my best to divert it away from the fact that I had 10 times more value on the pitch than my opposition and couldna t win.a

Klopp extends olive branch


When the Liverpool FC manager was asked for his reaction to Pulis’ comment, the German decided to extend the olive branch and chose to offer an apology to the West Brom gaffer.

Klopp said: a I can easily say sorry for everything I said during the game because I am very emotional, I think Tony Pulis is similar, and there were a few words. We were very close together.

a For me it was not a big problem but it was very intense and after the game I wanted to go to my team. Really I forgot to shake hands. Thata s all.

a If we meet today, it would be no problem to say sorry and to shake hands, to have a talk about whatever. I have big respect for his work, no doubt about this.

a In that situation it was not easy to switch on the lamps and switch them off.

a We are coaches of different teams and we say things you never would usually. Thata s how it is on the pitch. But it was not that serious.a

Emotional Klopp needs to ensure it does not get the better off him

Klopp is a manager that is loved by the people for wearing his ‘heart on the sleeve’. However, he tends to go overboard many a times with his reactions. By his own admissions in the past, he seems to know that it is a side of his that can be problematic not only in terms of disciplinary issues, but also in terms of his decision making.

While it has not really been that alarming a sign in the past that it tends to get the better off him completely, his final year at Dortmund did see some of the signs of the manager letting his emotions come in way of decision making, as he chose to stick with certain players who were not performing at their best.