Manchester United have reportedly been in contact with . Karim Benzema over a possible move from Real Madrid but the playera s agent has denied meeting any other football club in London.

Reiterating Benzemaa s desire to retire at Real Madrid, Benzemaa s agent, Karim Djaziri, has claimed that the striker has no plans of moving to Manchester as he is satisfied at Real Madrid. With Carlo Ancelotti getting sacked at Real Madrid and Rafa Benitez replacing him in the managera s office, there have been talks regarding Benzemaa s future as Real Madrid reportedly look to bring Sergio Aguero to Santiago Bernabeu. If Aguero was indeed to move to Real Madrid, Karim Benzema would be relegated to the bench thus sparking rumours of a possible move to Manchester United in order to sweeten the deal for David De Gea who seems to be bound for Santiago Bernabeu.

However the playera s agent has claimed that he has not been in touch with any club in London and went so far as to say that there is nothing for Benzema to do in Manchester. However Benzemaa s agent also said that the striker would leave the club if he was deemed to be a surplus thus possibly hinting that if Real Madrid were to sign Aguero, Benzema would be made available in the transfer market.

a I haven’t met with any club in London. Not with United and not with anyone else. We haven’t held talks with anyone other than Real Madrid.”

“What is Karim going to do in Manchester? He’s happy in Madrid. He doesn’t want to leave. Benzema would only leave if Real Madrid told him he was surplus to requirements, because he isn’t going to leave of his own accord.”

With the transfer period yet to open in Europe, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Karim Benzema and if he figures in Rafa Beniteza s long term plans at Real Madrid.