Juventus visit Olympic Stadium to face AS Roma in what could be termed as a Scudetto decider and Max Allegri believes that a Italian football will emerge positivelya from tomorrows battle.

Juventus currently have 57 points to their name and they are 9 points ahead of AS Roma. The Giallorossi have emerged as the principal challengers of Juventus for Scudetto since past two years and Max Allegri believes that this rivalry is only going to help the Italian Calcio.

a Tomorrow Italian football has to emerge positively, both on and off the pitch. These are the two strongest sides in the League,a said Allegri.

a From now on they are all head-to-head battles for position and it will be important not to leave anything behind on a psychological level too.

a We have a nine-point advantage, but there are many games to go.a

Juventus enjoy a comfortable nine point lead over Roma but the Capital based side is fresh from its convincing victory over Feyenoord in Europa League and Max Allegri has asked his players to remain cautious of their challenge.

a Roma have few weak points, a lot of quality and in a one-off game all previous results are wiped out. It has been three months since our last encounter with Roma and after this there will be another 13 games and 39 points available.

a I expect a great game with excellent technique, much like the one we saw in Turin. The entertainment value ended up in the background at the end, but it was a wonderful match.a

Meanwhile, ahead their key encounter against Juventus, AS Roma legend Frencesco Totti has written an open letter to the Giallorossi fans, claiming that the title race is far from over.

a On Monday we face Juventus, a game wea ve been waiting for a long time,a wrote Totti in Italian daily Corriere dello Sport.

a Until a few days ago it seemed as if there was no hope for us in this match. Instead wea re convinced that we can challenge and give meaning to this title race, to re-open a matter that had seemed closed.

a These last few weeks have not been easy and we were upset to have disappointed our fans, but I am confident. I think the worst is behind us.

a We have a very united squad and Roma are ready to do their bit.a