If Juventus’ Mercato could be a song, it would certainly be Adele’s Someone Like You. The song goes, Never mind, I’ll find someone like you I wish nothing but the best for you too…… Apparently, the “someone like you”, never really arrives at Juventus Stadium. It’s just a farce. A hoax for Juventus fans. A mirage for the world, of Juventus’ true intentions and that is to sign a downgraded version of “someone like you”. Probably, every Juventus fan would be cursing a certain Marotta, for drastically converting their romanticized moments into a heartbreak. The summer Mercato, is perhaps an apt and justified example of the aforementioned. Juventus, were all in for Juan Manuel Iturbe, and probably every Bianconneri fan was expecting the (then) Hellas Verona player to join them. Enter Marotta and Juventus lost Iturbe to direct Scudetto rivals AS Roma. It is a different notion that Iturbe has been a failed signing, but that pretty much explains the working of Juventus. Oh, and before I forget, Juventus, were also expected to completed the signing of a certain player called Alexis Sanchez, in the last mercato. We all know how that went. This is palpably Juventus’s dynamics when it comes to the Mercato. The Club has failed to sign “superstars” and it has become a regular feature, Mercato after Mercato. If Juventus had signed Sanchez and Iturbe, the Turin based club would now feature the attacking trio of Sanchez, Tevez and Iturbe. Probably, dangerous enough to drive fear into the hearts of possibly every European team. Instead, Juventus opted for a better and a far more attacking player ( understand the sarcasm please ) and surprisingly signed him. The attacking threat ( sarcasm again ), goes by the name of Roberto Pereyra. Who? An(former) Udinese player, who was average, is average and will perhaps forever be average. If that wasn’t enough, there were two left backs, one is arguably the World’s best and another a diminishing shadow of his former self, guess what Juventus signed? The latter. And the former? Direct title rivals, AS Roma. While, Juventus fancied Patrice Evra, for reasons only known to God almighty above, AS Roma played smart and acquired the services of former Chelsea player, Ashley Cole.

However, with Antonio Conte’s departure came former AC Milan boss, Max Allegri and the Panchina d’Oro winner, showed clear intent of posing a massive challenge for the European trophy. Juventus, finished second in the group stages and it could have been even worse if the last match against Atletico de Madrid, would have not been a reflection of biscotto. Anyway, Juventus did progress and were drawn against German foes, Borussia Dortmund. Now, while some might suggest that it would be a clear cakewalk for Juventus, there could be an alternate picture, which could see Dortmund hammering Juventus, and with the current squad, it is most likely.

Juventus, have a suitable perhaps a world class team for the Italian Serie A, but when it comes to European competitions, the same team flutters and gives up easily. Now, the current formation of 4-3-1-2, has been reliable in Europe when juxtaposed to a 3-5-2. However, with the current iteration of Juventus squad, the 4-3-1-2, needs to be strengthened and ‘proper’ players should be placed or signed to fill the void. The first and foremost problem of the Turin based club, is in defense and that too in a position, which could’ve been solidified in the last Mercato. The Left Back position. Clearly, Patrice Evra, is a shadow of his former self. The French International, vacates acres of space behind him and that could be easily targeted by any European side. The left back region has been questioned time and again, since the era of of Antonio Conte and Juventus, surprisingly, have not done anything to solidify it. There were rumors of Lazio’s Senad Lulic, even before Evra joined and the 28 year old, would have been better suited to Juventus’ style than Evra. However, the Lazio player never did join Juventus. ( He could have, if Juventus laid down a bid )

The left back domain, still remains a priority and Juventus, must sign a left back this Mercato. Let’s see how it goes. Moving on, and the current drama involving Xherdan Shaqiri and Wesley Snejider, has perhaps asserted Juventus’s pedigree as club, unwilling to spend money. The Teriquista role, which has been played by Arturo Vidal, Roberto Pereyra and even Claudio Marchisio, fails to reflect the spark that is needed to unlock defenses. This could have been solved by the signing of Shaqiri, but like all Juventus targets, we know how that panned out. Shaqiri, joined rivals Inter Milan. Juventus after a failed target inquisition decided to turn heads towards Gala’s Wesley Snejider. Reports state that Juventus must cough out close to 20 million pounds, for Snejider’s services. Although, Snejider might provide Juventus, a solution to the creative problem, there is no logic in spending hefty money for a player, whose best playing days are arguably over. Anyways, neither Snejider nor Shaqiri, is joining Juventus soon and it leaves the Turin based club in yet another unsolved enigma. The Teriquista role. If Juventus, are to pose a challenge for the UEFA Champions League, then a creative player should be of utmost importance.

When it comes to strikers, Juventus lack the needful, energy and synergy. Carlos Tevez, has been a standout performer but the Argentine’s comment to run out his deal, could land Juventus in a heap of problems, once he is excluded. The signing of Alvaro Moratta, last Mercato, has missed impact. The former Real Madrid striker, was signed in order to makeup for the outgoing ‘Quags’ and Mirko Vucinic, but it seems that this has back fired. Currently, the Juventus team feature three strikers, two almost, close to redundant and one, playing his heart out on the pitch. The attacking department, needs to solidified and needs to accommodate depth. There have been rumors of Falcao, but a move for the Monaco players, seems out of the question and probably could disturb the equilibrium of the world.

The problem with Juventus, is perhaps lack of vision. The team has been built around Andrea Pirlo, and rightly so, given his varied array of talents, but what after he retires? That is the question, Juventus need to answer and if they do, must do the needful and that is to sign world class players. It is time that the Marotta administration turns up with a stellar name and not tease the Bianconneri faithful with only links.