Chelsea FC’s Brazil star Ramires has defended manager Jose Mourinho for publicly blasting the London side’s players for their poor start to the new season.

Chelsea have had a rather poor start to the new season, with the Londoners sitting in the 16th place having collected just 8 points in 8 games.

Mourinho has come out asking his players to assume responsibilities for their own performance, with Branislav Ivanovic, Eden Hazard, Nemanja Matic, in particular, coming under heavy criticism.

Mourinho is right in shaming Chelsea players: Ramires

Ramires has come out and said that the Portuguese is right in publicly criticizing the players.

He was quoted saying by a I think it very normal when we are not playing well and we are losing for the manager to take it out on the players. He needs to get a reaction.

a Maybe some players are not doing what he expects them to do so thata s why he is on top of us, on top of things, trying to get a reaction because he knows he can get the best out of us.

a So we all need to calm down and we can get out of this.”

Player are right behind Mourinho: Ramires

The Portuguese had earlier said that he will leave his position as the manager of the London side if he loses the player’s support.

However, Ramires said that the players were far from losing their trust on the charismatic Portuguese.

“Wea ve not lost a bit of trust in Jose,” he added. “Everyone trusts him. We think he is the best manager for us.


“Obviously when things dona t go the way that everyone expects a lot of questions are asked. But we still trust him.

a I understand perfectly where he is coming from with what he said regarding where, if he didna t have the confidence of the players he would step aside. But thata s not the case at all. We are all together.

a Maybe ita s a shared guilt because when things dona t got the way that everyone expects people look at the players and the manager.

“But we are all working together to get out of this situation – we want to be at the top of the table. Not the bottom.a