Chelsea FC’s dreadful start of the season has now turned in to a nightmare after their loss to Stoke City FC on penalties, in the fourth round of the Capital One Cup.

Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho, who is under immense pressure from the poor results, tried to deflect away the talks of mutiny at the post-match press conference, which has been garnering some headlines. Mourinho, despite their loss against Stoke City FC, went on the offensive before praising the performance of his players, and was quoted by The Guardian, saying that he would be following his normal routine a like the last 15 yearsa of his life.

a I have a day off [on Tuesday] with my fantastic family,a he said. a I sleep well and then I enjoy my day. Thursday is one more day like the last 15 years of my life.a


Mourinho went on the offensive, when pressed about the recent public support of multiple personalities of the football universe.

a I dona t need. You think my players are not with me? You think my players are not giving everything to win the game? I think thata s really sad; not to me but to the players. Ita s a lack of respect. For me it would be a fantastic situation if the players were not for me because, if we didna t get results, I could say it was because the players were against me.

a My players are not like that. They tried everything. Last year we won here 2-0 and we didna t play 25% of what we play today. I think they [my players] have to be very frustrated not getting what they deserve.

a Ita s difficult. Of course ita s difficult. But ita s more difficult when you play very badly and you lose. I think they go with sadness but with a positive feeling. How can Hazard, Oscar, Willian, John [Terry] go home with a lack of confidence when they played that well?a

Reality beckons for Mourinho

Despite Mourinho feigning ignorance, reports have been circulating since last week that the match against Liverpool FC could be the last opportunity for him to improve the results. Reports have also emerged that both parties, Chelsea FC and Mourinho, have started to looking for an alternative in background with Mourinhoa s agent angling for PSG and Inter, while Chelsea FC have reignited their interest in Mourinhoa s arch nemesis Pep Guardiola. Reality for Mourinho looks grim and it wouldna t be only for his poor results but also his run-ins with the FA, the media that the Chelsea FC board doesna t look to pleased with.