Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s clash with Arsenal in the Premier League, manager Jose Mourinho admitted that his team lacked confidence while denying reports suggesting a dressing room rift between Diego Costa and John Terry.

The Chelsea manager has suffered a poor start in his third season in charge and claimed that it was vital for the team to ‘taste success’ in their Champions League clash against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Fear creeps in when you lose confidence

As reported by the Guardian, Mourinho claimed that his team suffered from a loss of confidence after their poor start to the campaign and hence were afraid of the ball.

“In everything you do in life, you need confidence to be better. In football, when you lose matches, you are affected. You can say youa re not but you are.

“You lose confidence, you dona t want the ball. You are afraid of the ball.”

They organise it like the Wild West duels

The Special One also joked about how quick people are to believe the worst after a slump in form. He particularly singled out the media for allegedly making up stories of a dressing room rift between Diego Costa and John Terry.

“Somebody punched someone in the dressing-room. The manager doesna t want to speak with this guy. Diego Costa fought with John Terry and before they start the fight, they brought a translator for them to understand each other because Diego cannot speak English and John cannot speak Spanish.

a They organise it like the Wild West duels. We are going to fight at this time, bring a translator to help us. Or, Mourinho doesna t want to give new contracts to Terry and [Branislav] Ivanovic. Mourinho instructs the scouts to find a new right-back urgently.”

Asked about his personal battle with Arsene Wenger ahead of tomorrow’s fixture, Mourinho declined to offer a comment.

“Ita s just Chelsea versus Arsenal and ita s a match we want to win.a