Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has said that he has no problem with Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman allegedly snubbed a handshake from the Portuguese in the aftermath of the Gunners’ 1-0 win over the Blues in the Community Shield on Sunday.

Mourinho believes that the Frenchman is entitled to not shake hands with an opponent if he does not feel like it, as the Portuguese would have done the same.

“I don’t want to make a story of it” – Mourinho on the alleged hand-shake snub

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Mourinho said: “I don’t want to make a story of it. If you walk in the street you are not obliged to say hello or shake your hand with anyone.

a In a sport team or institution it’s a bit different. I thought about my club and players and the winners and the stadium but I don’t think a manager has to shake hands with another if he doesn’t want to.”

In light of the latest bust-up between the two managers, a meeting between Premier League’s officials and club managers was organized on Tuesday, which Mourinho had skipped to avoid an awkward confrontation with Wenger. In this meeting it was outlined that poor behavior and squabbling from club managers and assistants in the technical area will no longer be tolerated and huge fines along with stadium bans may also be sanctioned.

He said: “I agree totally with the new measures. I was last season without incident with the fourth official and I agree with behaviour being respectable in the technical area.”

Mourinho also complained about the Frenchman escaping a sanction after pushing him at Stamford Bridge last season


The Portuguese also commented on an incident between the duo last season, when Wenger had pushed Mourinho on the touchline during a match at Stamford Bridge. The Blues boss added: “It is difficult to be pushed by the opposition manager in my technical area and he is not punished.”

Wenger brought to an end Mourinho’s 13-match unbeaten streak against himself in the Community Shield win. The duo have been involved in a long-standing feud since the Portuguese’s first spell at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea FC kick-off their title defence against Swansea City this weekend and Mourinho would be looking to help the Blues to a fourth Premier League title under his leadership.