After Ramires gave Chelsea a two-goal lead with eight minutes to go in the first half, the mood in the away stands was sombre as Bradford fans knew their side were on their way out. However, what could have turned into a rout became an almighty upset as Bradford retaliated in a stunning second half display to rob Chelsea of their pride and arrogance. With eight minutes to go in the second half, the Bradford fans were in sheer dreamland after Andrew Halliday’s goal gave them a 3-2 lead. Mark Yeates completed the upset in the fourth minute of extra time as Bradford scored an incredible four goals at Stamford Bridge and handed Chelsea their first defeat in Cup competitions this season.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was both confused and angry with his team’s performance and said, “I find among my bad feelings about the game and the result, space to feel happy for Bradford,a said Mourinho when it was time to talk to the media.

“But I also feel ashamed and the players should feel exactly the same as I feel. By one side this is the beauty of football, because in not many sports is it possible for the best players to lose against a team or players with completely different potential.

“By another side this is the beauty of the FA Cup because it happens in this more than in other countries, but this is only one part of my feelings and analysis. For the other part I repeat the words I used yesterday in the case that we lose, that it is a disgrace a a sports disgrace.a

“I know that in the history of this competition this happens to every team now and again. For me it is the first time, for Chelsea it doesna t happen a lot, and it is unacceptable to lose against a team from a lower league.

In addition, he did not fall short of praising Bradford after an impressive display, “I dona t know what the media are going to do in relation to their work but if I was them I would be very critical of Chelsea, the Chelsea manager and the Chelsea players but not just that, because Bradford dona t deserve that we forgot them and just focus on the negative Chelsea. We should also focus on them because they deserve it after such an impressive result.

Chelsea’s next game is against Liverpool in the return leg of the Capital One Cup, a game that Mourinho says his side will focus upon and try to win, “I always said that I dona t choose competitions and we go match after match. The most important competition now is the Capital One Cup because it is the next game. Obviously the Premier League is in front of the cups but the way we prepare in a serious and a professional way, I cana t say we dona t care about the FA Cup. We lose and we care.

“The players who were not involved directly in this game a Matic, Ivanovic, Diego Costa – I dona t think they can be affected by it. We lost at home against a lower division team and in an ideal word it will affect us in a positive not a negative way, like we have to win the next match and leta s go for it – but I dona t know. I have to feel it tomorrow and after tomorrow,” he added.