Liverpool FC youngster Jordon Ibe’s loss of form is beginning to worry the Reds faithful. However, it is the ability to overcome such situations that separates the best from the rest.

There have been so many players who have failed to live up to their talent. The reason for this is mainly that talent in itself means nothing if it cannot produce results.

To produce results, one must have the talent, work hard on the training ground to hone it in skills, stay away from distractions in order to focus on progressing and must have the mental ability to bring the skills out on the pitch during match days.

There is a reason even the best of finishers miss penalties – pressure. Playing in a game is different from training. It is a combination of having the skills and the mental ability to overcome obstacles or focus to bring those skills on the pitch. And the truly special ones bring them out under immense pressure, too.

One of the aspects of managing the mental state to bring out the skill on the pitch is overcoming obstacles like self-doubts.

For Jordon Ibe right now, the Red shirt on his body is weighing very heavy, and he is having a hard time overcoming the first real challenge that fazes him on the pitch.

Ibe has been superb so far at every level, terrorizing defences at will. He also made a fantastic start to his first team career at Anfield when he was widely acknowledged by coaches, pundits and fans alike for being one of the better players at Anfield towards the second half of last season.

Expecting to kick on to another level, Ibe was heard saying numerous times (and cancelling his holiday to train with Kenny Dalglish) about wanting to improve his goal scoring record at Liverpool.

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The Englishman has not scored a single goal in his short Reds career so far, and one gets the feeling is trying way too hard now to achieve it. Last night against Bordeaux, he was hardly able to take a player on (his best attribute), as if someone had put extra weight on his jet heels.
It was clear, he was thinking too much. His confidence took a hit after the poor first couple of games and then being dropped to the bench against Arsenal further compounded the problem when he came on to give probably his worst display, till date, in a Red shirt.
It is the desire to hit the next gear at the top level, as easily as he had done at youth levels that is probably causing this problem to him, as it has done to most players.
Sterling had it. People keep talking about him being overrated and missing chances but it hardly shows on the player. It is this test of character that will determine if Ibe has it in him to justify the massive potential he has. Every player goes through a lean patch. No player is consistently good across their career, just take a look at Eden Hazard right now. Ibe has to relax a bit more and the coaches and the senior players at the club need to help him or Liverpool FC might lose a gem.
It is such situation that separates the best from the rest. It is time to step up for Jordon Ibe. And the way to do this is to give himself the room to make errors.