Accusations of espousing unattractive defensive football meant nothing when John Terry and the rest of the Chelsea roster jubilantly celebrated their fifth English title in history as the blue confetti floated at the Stamford Bridge.

Amidst the celebrations, Sky Sports reporters brought the men in blue to a halt to share their excitement with the world before the Champions take to the social media to do the same.

John Terry incarnated class, wit and everything that it takes to lead a side to fourth Premier League title when he was interviewed moments after it was confirmed that the Blues had dethroned Manchester City at the pinnacle of English football.

Rafael Benitez, during his six-month stint as interim manager at Stamford Bridge, resorted to benching the Chelsea captain more often than not insisting that he was too old to feature on a regular basis.

The former England international did not stop with hitting back at his former manager on the pitch playing every single minute of the Premier League campaign, but took to microphone to take a swipe at the Spaniard.

“One person said I couldn’t play twice in a week and everyone knows who he is. Not only have I proved everyone wrong, Ia m still fighting, still feeling great, more importantly Ia ve got great players and great management around me.

“We worked so hard to get here, but bottom line is wea re champions. This is what I live for, I was a ball-boy, mascot, Ia ve played in the stadium, Ia ve done everything to be here and give the fans something.

“The first one was very special obviously, but when you wait five years without winning it and you see teams [win it] and youa ve grafted it really hurts, so wea re going to enjoy today.”

Journalist have been trying to make Cesc Fabregas a loathsome figure at the Emirates Stadium with their perfectly crafted questions and Sky Sports reporters did not fail to keep the legacy up. The Spaniard, after much reluctance to answer to that very question before kickoff, admitted after the whistle that he had waited for this moment for long before yelling Champions in Spanish accent.

“Ia ve waited for so long for this. Ita s a relief. Fighting very hard, all of us for this moment, very proud. Ita s a competitive team, there is pressure to win here and I like that kind of pressure. Champions.”

When it was the turn of the best Premier League player of the season to register his emotions, he admitted that he was lucky to have headed the rebound home after Julian Speroni denied his initial attempt at the goal while also confessing that it’s amazing to be crowned Champions.

“Ita s amazing. We deserve to be champions. Ita s always good. In my head, I dona t know, I knew the penalty was not good. Lucky, lucky. Lucky today. Mourinho lets me play; I can play my best football.”

Didier Drogba marked his return to English football clinching a Premier League title, not to mention the Capital One Cup triumph and stated that Chelsea would always be the best club in the country. When he was quizzed about his future, the Ivorian striker walked away stating that he only has celebration in his mind.

“I prefer to think of the present, and this one is special. With me or without me Chelsea will always be number one. Ia m happy to be part of it, but Chelsea is bigger than me and they will always win. Ita s an amazing feeling. What next? A good rest, a good celebration.”