Chelsea defender and Captain John Terry has admitted that he would sign a one-year contract if offered so by the club and went on to add that he doesn’t want to rest and wants to keep on playing despite his age.

Terry’s position at the club was in doubt last year as he was out of contract, but he was offered an extension by one year, a Last year I was a bit nervous and knocking on the door myself. But I know their position and they know mine. I want to stay. Hopefully, my displays are showing that and they want to keep me.

a I dona t want to rest. Ia m coming to the end of my career, so ita s important I stay fit and play as much as I can.

He said that he would accept the same this year as well, but went on to add that no talks have started yet, a Ia ll be happy with another year and then wea ll see how we go year by year. Ia ve not got much choice. No talks have happened between myself and the club, but we both respect each othera s position.a

Terry however accepted that securing Eden Hazard’s long-term future was important for the club as he in the best player at the Chelsea, “There’s more important players than me. Hazard’s one. For me, that was the most important for the club. I knew that was the first priority for them. Hopefully they’ll be knocking on my door soon.”

Terry also said that English players are good at looking after themselves and the likes of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have proven so. With competition from young and impressive players like Kurt Zouma, Terry feels he wants to play as much as possible by staying fit, “It’s difficult when you see young boys come in like Kurt. He’s been a revelation since he came in. He’s young, fit, strong and hungry and it makes it even more difficult.

“But the way players like me, Stevie Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard, have looked after ourselves in the last five or six years have helped us in our later careers. They’re a couple of years older than me – I just look older.

“I don’t want to rest. There’s a lot pressure. I’m coming to the end of my career. So it’s important I stay fit and play as much as I can.

“We all want to play every game. Gaz (Cahill) and Kurt are fighting it out and it could be me (rested) at any time.”