Chelsea FC captain John Terry, known to be a staunch supporter of Jose Mourinho, was seen refuting claims of a mutiny inside the dressing room during an extraordinarily long pre-match press conference.


Chelsea FCa s alarming start to their campaign has seen multiple negative reports emerging, but on Sunday, the most astonishing of news was broken by a BBC Radio show alleging that an unnamed Chelsea FC player had said that he would rather lose than play for Mourinho. Terry took strong objection to the accusations and refuted the claims in his pre-match press conference. The Englishman was quoted by the Daily Express as saying:

a In the last few days wea ve had ridiculous stories about whata s happening within the dressing room. In my whole career Ia ve never heard a player come out with those words.

“The player wouldna t be let out of the dressing room, leta s be honest. It wouldna t go down too well.

a Ia ve seen playersa faces with the disappointment after results. The players are 100% behind the manager. We are together.

a The players will stand up and say a and I will personally a wea ve not been good enough. We take that on our shoulders. We know what we need to do.

a Ita s going to take a dressing room that sticks together. We are prepared to fight. The fans want to see people putting their bodies on the line. Thata s the bare minimum.a


Terry on Mourinho and Hazard

The former England captain was seen making a passionate case in favour of Jose Mourinho, who was recently handed a second huge fine from the FA for his actions in the 2-1 defeat against West Ham United, while also debunking the myth that Mourinho creates a siege mentality in order to motivate his players.

a The passion comes out. Thata s what the fans want to see. But he gets punished.

a We dona t want to be fighting the world. You want to be loved, as an individual and as a club for what wea ve achieved.

“Josea s been good at protecting us over the years. Wea re talking about the best manager Ia ve seen at this club, Eden Hazard one of the best players. Therea s been talk of them leaving, but we have to keep the best here.

a We are going to turn it around a and Jose will be in charge long after Ia ve finished. He is the man to take this club forward.a

Terrya s relation with Mourinho

Chelsea FC’s current status of a European heavyweight club can be credited in no small part to the duo of Jose Mourinho and John Terry, who helped changed the image of the club from being a billionaire’s plaything to a club able to achieve and sustain success at the elite level. The duo share a unique relationship that has helped Chelsea FC win multiple trophies in the past decade.

While Roman Abramovich’s Rubles played their part, no one expected that the “Special One” would be able to snatch the league title from right under everyonea s nose with a near unbeaten season. John Terry during the season formed such a strong relation with the manager that it helped them earn mutual respect for each other. Over the course of his tenure, Mourinho moulded Terry into a winner of immeasurable mental strength, which helped Terry guide Chelsea through a successive change of managers.