Chelsea FC will play host to Sunderland FC in their last Premier League game of the season on Sunday. The newly crowned champions will look forward to remain unbeaten in this game and create a record of not facing defeat at the home among all the other divisions.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has hailed club legend and ex-player Frank Lampard for his contribution towards the country and his club. About Lampard he opined, ‘In the same way I said a few words about Steven Gerrard, I have to do the same, with even more emotion, about Frank Lampard, who is also playing his last match in the Premier League.

a He is one of my best players ever, best professionals ever, a Chelsea legend and a legend in the Premier League. Ita s the last match for Frank and obviously I have to honour him and wish him the best in the States. I hope he will be back in England as soon as possible because people like him make this country much better, hea s a big loss for English football.a

Jose Mourinho has been awarded the manager of the season accolade for this particular tenure. About the honour, he said, I was not waiting for it, I was never Manager of the Month, but Ia m happy with it,a he stated. a Ita s a club trophy, not an individual one. Ita s for me, my assistants, my players, everybody who works with me.

a Ita s something you dona t just get by yourself. Ita s the icing on the cake but I work for the cake. The Premier League is the real cake but obviously to be the Manager of the Season is nice.a

On asked about his favourite moment in this season, Mourinho replied, a It was when the game against Crystal Palace finished because ita s a moment when you feel you are champions.

a I had that feeling for many months, I couldna t say it to you or the players, but I had the feeling for many months.

a During the season we had some key moments, for good and bad reasons. The defeat against Tottenham on 1 January, which left us on equal points with the champions having lost a seven or eight-point advantage, was a key moment because it was a big test for our mentality, emotional balance, character and personality. I would choose that negative moment as an important point for us.a

If Chelsea eventually manage to avoid defeat tomorrow, they will break Manchester Uniteda s record for the fewest number of losses in all competitions in a season by a Premier League team. On that record the gaffer opined, a Maybe it will help me to motivate the troops because ita s hard.

a The education I give to these guys and the way they grow up is by doing anything to try to reach an objective. Keep the focus in training, keep the motivation in every match, it doesna t matter about the opponent, whether ita s a big one or a small one. Play with the same intensity and desire.

a So when you reach your objective ita s hard to keep them at this level. They are competitive animals. Ita s like the predators when they hunt, afterwards they relax a bit. Ita s the last match at home, a place where normally we get positive results, a big day for us with getting our hands on the trophy, so the guys will try everything to win the match.a